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  • 1st Annual Tiki Lee's Rockfish Open

  • 1st Annual Tiki Lee's Rockfish Open

  • 1st Annual Tiki Lee's Rockfish Open

  • 1st Annual Tiki Lee's Rockfish Open

The Event

To Benefit the Oyster Recovery Partnership and Back River Restoration.
Sponsors: Captain Morgan, Miller Lite, White Claw and MarineMax

*Open to All Anglers*
(100% pay back)

See the final list of this year's 50 competitors below.
Check out the new increased prize money.

Event Date:
Saturday, September 14, 2019

Mandatory Captains Meeting, September 10th from 5-7pm at Tiki Lees Dock Bar.
Captain and Crew Kick Off, September 12th from 5-7pm at Tiki Lee's Dock Bar.

Captain & Crew Kick Off Details:

Free Oysters and discounted beer will be provided. Additional prizes will be announced. All friends and family welcome.

Entry Fee & Crew Requirements:

$500 Buy-In per boat
50 Boats - Max 6 crew members per boat (1 Captain/Angler, 1 Mate/Angler and 4 additional Anglers). Minimum of 2 per boat (1 Captain/Angler and 1 additional Angler).


(Based on 50 Paid Entries)
$15,000 Now $27,000 First Place
$7,000 Now $12,000 Second Place
$3,000 Now $6,500 Third Place
$1,000 to the smallest qualifying Rockfish by weight and if a tie, decided by measurements.
10 boats will be drawn out of a hat for a $250 Now $350.00 cash prize each.


Review Tournament Rules here.

IMPORTANT: We may need to contact you with regard to your Registration submission or other important event matters. To avoid spam filtering, please add fishing@tikileesdockbar.com and sparrowspoint@tikileesdockbar.com to your Contact Address Book.

  • Scout 215 XSF

  • Scout 215 XSF

Win a 2019 Scout 215 XSF

MarineMax has supplied a 2019 Scout 215 XSF and trailer for raffle. Taxes and fees not included. We will be selling $20 raffle tickets on the day of the tournament. Only 5,000 tickets will be sold. Proceeds to benefit the Back River Restoration Association. More information about the Scout.

Final Tournament Competitors

1st Annual Tiki Lee's Rockfish Open
Boat Captain
1 Horanimal 2 Ryan Horan
2 N/A Joe Barcikowski III
3 TRENTUNA Matt Ciarpella
4 MI Fish Philip Key
5 Midnight Express David Landsman
6 Chasing Sanity Louis Weaver
7 Whoo Dat Andrew Connelly
8 Great White David Bailes
9 DISTRACTION Aaron Lifson
10 Reel Twisted Kyle Lannen
11 Templefisch Chris Templeton
12 Angry Dwarf Hans Stephen Haigley
13 Merfish Nicholas Bower
14 Reeltime Neal Davidson
15 Light Work* Michael Lucas
16 Flash Me Eric Lhotsky
17 Off The Hook Robert Bowie
18 Hooked on fishing Bryan Crabbe
19 SS Ricky Steve Gessner
20 Four C's Thom Carling
21 Snapper Blue II Michael Gallion
22 Shady Grady Lou Cianelli
23 ReelBent Michael Mosmiller
24 Life on track* Jonathan Britain
25 Rug It Jim Tarburton
26 Wayne's World Wayne Conger
27 Triple Threat Tye Rabuck
29 Eight Two Seven Paul Diven
30 Osprey Jim Taylorson
31 Pay Dirt Jason Gartside
32 Rockin N Rowan Jake Dellarose
33 Bottom Line Bruce Martin Jr
34 N/A Andrew Wendell
35 Skintback David Paugh
36 L&T Murray DeMuth
37 Aimless Lady David Parker
38 Leve’en limited Melvin Levee
39 Shae1 James Cox
40 Deez Knots Bobby Martin
41 Bases Loaded Jereme Kolstrom
42 Fishizzle Chris Miller
43 Bad Influence Jessie Davenport
45 Island Belle Jeff Rayner
46 Just One More Tom Perry
47 April Fool Gordon Clifton
48 Teddy boy Jeff Deckelman
49 JS Jack Deckelman
50 Dollar Bill Danny Shifflett
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